Simon Stepsys Recommends The Mindset Shift

It’s easy when starting something new, to be put off by the success of other people.

  • They seem so much further ahead that you find it hard to believe you’ll ever catch up
  • They seem to know so much that you can’t see how you’ll ever hold your own
  • You look at them, then look at yourself and find yourself sorely lacking
  • You find 101 reasons to quit just looking at them

Does that sound familiar to you?

There are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t buy into this negative thinking – in fact I just blogged about the perils of self comparison earlier today.

Remember first and foremost that they are only people just like you!

When we started out online a few years ago,  we were told to use the names of some successful people as keywords, so that when people looked for them online, they might find us instead. One of these was a guy called Simon Stepsys.

Now, a couple of years later, here he is recommending our book! What a thrill for us and a wonderful example of how equal we all are in this journey of life in many respects. Thank you Simon for such a glowing recommendation.

Here’s the video of Simon, with the lovely Susan Beesley, one of the co-authors of the book, The Mindset Shift – From Employee to Home Business Entrepreneur.

Celebrating Success!

Celebrating Success!

As we count down the hours until Chris and Susan launch the first of our books, The Mindset Shift – From Employee to Home Business Entrepreneur, it got me thinking about other opportunities for celebrating we might miss.

A launch is an obvious opportunity to celebrate because it is carefully planned, happens at a specific time and marks the start of something. We all understand the significance of a launch.

You should also celebrate milestones as you go, share your successes, what’s working now and how you adapted to get or create it.

Share stories of what didn’t work only AFTER you’ve found a solution. You want to inspire others, not provide them with an excuse to quit or to disregard the other nuggets you might have for them!

The greatest tool you’ll ever have will lie in your ability to be honest with yourself. Know your strengths so that you can play to them. Be clear about what you can do but don’t like doing and make excuses to avoid. Admit to yourself when you’re procrastinating or avoiding something and instead spend the energy finding a compelling reason to do it.

Maybe an accountability partner is the answer if you struggle with following through with things… Perhaps keeping a journal… A blog is a good way to combine the two – it’s like a very public declaration of your journal!

Learn to admit what you’re not good at and find ways to improve and build your confidence in it.

Remember every entrepreneur is on their own journey. You might share the road for a while, you might recommend things or share lessons you’ve learned but you cannot make their journey for them, nor they for you.

When you make the Mindset Shift and decide to become a successful entrepreneur you are choosing to take responsibility for your life, to control your own destiny.

You are saying,

“from here on in, my success is up to me”

and you are committing to take the necessary action to make it so.

Make The Mindset Shift Today?

You can take advice. You can buy systems, read books, watch videos and attend courses and meetings. You can hire the best coach in the world and learn from the cleverest mentor, but only YOU can take action.

It’s pointless looking to anyone else to tell you what’s right for you or what you must do next. They can’t tell you because they’re not you. They can tell you what worked for them but that’s it. What’s right for them may not be right for you and vice versa and that’s not their fault or their responsibility. You have to walk your own path. You have to make your own Mindset Shift.

In the same way you must resist the urge to be a rescuer.

By all means share what’s worked for you, but don’t try to tell your team or anyone else what will work for them or to do it for them.

You may do it with the best of intentions, but all you actually do is disempower them.

If they succeed it’ll be your success not theirs and if they fail, it’ll be your fault.

Like you, if they are to be successful, they have to take responsibility for themselves. If you are taking responsibility for your life, no credit or blame can be laid elsewhere and there is nothing more exhilarating or empowering in this world.

Yes it may hurt when it doesn’t go right the first few times, but as long as you keep going, your success rates will improve.

Each time you find another way that doesn’t work, it’ll be one less dead end to go down and one avenue closer to your perfect road and achieving your goals.

With practice you can learn to welcome these temporary setbacks as certain signs that you are getting nearer to your target.

Accept that you cannot make anyone apart from you successful and you’ll both be happier. You can tell them what you’ve done and what worked and what didn’t. You can share your route map and then it’s up to them. Allow them the joy of making their own success story and their own map.

The Mindset Shift

So tomorrow we’ll be celebrating the launch of our book, The Mindset Shift – From Employee to Home Business Entrepreneur, in Chicago.

You can be sure that as well as all the nuggets we’ve shared in the book, we will continue to share our journey in the hope we might enlighten or inspire yours.

We’d love to hear your story too. How did you come to make The Mindset Shift and what has changed in your life since you did?

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Where are You Going?

Where are You Going?

You have to know your destination before you begin your journey …… as was famously said in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”
“I don’t much care where –”
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”

You have to know your destination – your reason why

Chris, Susan and Amanda