Louise Hay Movie

Louise Hay Movie – You Can Heal Your Life

The Louise Hay Movie

You Can Heal Your Life – The Louise Hay Movie You Must Watch!

We hadn’t watched this movie until very recently, and by coincidence, two people on the same day sent us a link to watch the Louise Hay Movie – one was Darren Little (Unleash the Alpha Within fame) and one was from a friend on Facebook.

We don’t believe in co-incidence. The universe is far too clever for this kind of things to happen by coincidence. So when Louise Hay popped into our awareness twice in a day we felt that the universe was trying to tell us something.

Louise Hay movie Don’t think for a moment that the Louise Hay Movie is just for women!  Far from it!

It really was an incredible movie and one which will definitely have a deep down meaning to you and we definitely recommend that you watch the Louise Hay Movie.

Strangely enough, Amanda had a similar experience having had 3 recommendations to watch the Louise Hay Movie all in one week.

You can read here full story here

Have you ever heard or seen or watched something that has really moved you?  Something that really got to you?

This is a movie that you really really have to watch if you are determined to have that mindset shift

If the Louise Hay Movie really gave you that feeling that you can do something with your life then we recommend that you get a copy of the book from Amazon – we have our copy on order

So what was it that touched us so deeply when we watched the Louise Hay movie?

It’s hard to say precisely, but we believe, just like Amanda that when we are ready to learn a lesson in life, the perfect teacher or medium will appear for us.

When you watch the Louise Hay Movie then there will be something in it that will touch you at the particular moment in life that you watch it.  It will be the right time and the right place and the universe might be able to give you an opportunity to learn a lesson or take a short cut! Wouldn’t that be awesome!

So, here we are, and here you are right now and here is your opportunity to take the same chance we did and watch the Louise Hay movie, You Can Heal Your Life.

“Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives”
Louise L. Hay

“I find that when we really love and accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in life works” ~ Louise L Hay

“Every thought we think is creating our future” ~ Louise L Hay

We would love to have your feedback and know what happened when you watched the movie.

Chris, Susan and Amanda

Learn more in our book – The Mindset Shift

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