Mindset – Creator of Your Reality and Key to Your Success

Mindset – Creator of Your Reality and Key to Your Success

Mindset - Your Key to Success

We have little problem accepting that we are the masters of our own destiny when life is great, but when we feel overwhelmed, fed up, defeated or depressed, it’s often far easier to let someone, or something else take credit for that isn’t it! And yet, with the right mindset, it is often in those darkest moments that our greatest opportunity for growth and acceleration towards the success we desire exists.

Just as the darkest hour comes just before the dawn, so your greatest triumph is often preceded by your toughest test and it is in that moment that your mindset will either make or break you.

What is Mindset

According to Princeton University’s WordNet, Mindset is

a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations

Your mindset acts like a filter in your unconscious mind and only the things that ‘fit’ it’s parameters will ever reach you conscious mind. The key thing about this is that your whole world is constructed from the tiny amount of information that gets through. Your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all driven by this ‘perception of reality; how you interact with the world and other people around you and how you experience life.

With a different mindset, you’d have a different set of ‘facts’ to create your reality from  and so you’d get a totally different perspective and you would be able to change the life you have for the life you want easily and effortlessly. Understand that one simple fact and you unlock the key to your success!

If you expect abundance, success and happiness, you’ll notice the things in your reality that match up with that expectation. If on the other hand you expect life to be difficult, lacking and miserable, then that’s what you’ll find

Here is a short video which explains what goes on behind the scenes, how your mindset is created and why it is so significant to your success.

Your Mind Power and How Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

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