Sharon Lechter

How To Become An Entrepreneur : We were lucky enough to meet up with Sharon Letcher when she was presenting in London and to ask her advice on becoming an entrepreneur.

Here’s the truth ….. most people who want to make money online don’t! There are thousands upon thousands of people who really really want to but they have one problem – they have difficulty stepping over the line to become an entrepreneur

Here’s the question we asked her which deals with that dilemna

“Many people struggle to take that step to cross over the line from an employee to an entrepreneur – what advice would you give them to help them take that next step?”

This was a a truly inspiring day for us as not only did we get to see a copy of the original manuscript “Outwitting the Devil” – The Secret to Freedom and Success by Napoleon Hill

We also got a signed copy of the published version from Sharon – we definitely recommend that you read it if you haven’t already

We also won a limited edition of “Think And Grow Rich” in the Charity Auction ….. it was just one of those things ….. we visualised it, saw us holding it in our hands and when we thought that all was lost Sharon announced that she would donate an additional copy to the auction and we got it!

This one book is said to have helped create more millionaires in history than any other book. This book shows how what you think and visualise is what will become true. It puts you in the mind of some of the great thinkers in history.

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Working online has unlocked the potential of many entrepreneurs – we would love you to be one of them