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Richie Parker Drive

Richie Parker Drive

Life is full of challenges and there are times when we need to stop and take a moment to look at life from the perspective of someone whom we believe is less fortunate than ourselves.  It sometimes takes just a moment to get that wake up call …

It’s all about BELIEF

As you watch the video stop and think as you listen to Richie’s parents.  How they maintained a belief that he would live life just like any other child.  What made them and him persevere through all those challenges during his childhood and early adult years so that their child could live just the same as a child with the arms Richie didn’t have.

Think about what drove Richie to look beyond his physical challenges and know that some way, some how he could experience the life of his dreams.  Live life on his terms. Focus all his energy on finding solutions instead of accepting his lot.

Why do we share videos like Richie Parker Drive  with you?  It’s not so you can watch them and then forget.  It’s to show you that if you really want something enough and believe in yourself enough that YOU can do anything.

Anything that you want to.

You see, it’s all too easy to decide on what’s not possible. On what can’t be done.  To quit just when your breakthrough is around the corner

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